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Game Preview Hurricanes Final (1) Hastings BHS vs (2) St Pat’s Silverstream

This is the best game of the year, the game that maybe brings the most talent to one field, the game that has the No.1 and No.2 teams in the country go head to head but I want to make something clear, Silverstream will not win this game, and here’s why.
I have thought about this for a few years now and I have to say and people that I talk to about rugby know that and I have mentioned it before that St Pat’s Silverstream is kind of my favourite team in the Hurricane Region and if I had to cheer for someone it would be Silverstream and the reason was seeing a guy by the name of Ope Peleseumu on TV and I thought damn this dude is mean!! and that was it and I like their colours, that’s all. Now to get back to it and why I dont think they will win is because they are a team of Young Year 13’s and Young Year 12’s, so to clear it up they are Year 12’s and Year 11’s playing against Year 13 players. St Pat’s Silverstream have a rule about not having Year 14’s come back to school even if they are U18, that’s cool and that is what they have set as their rule they try prepare their boys for the world before they leave school. This here is how it sort of hurts their rugby program to the point where I dont think that they will win a National 1st XV Rugby Title. They will always be short handed by this rule and as much real highly skilled players that come from that school they will always have Young Year 13’s play against Year 13’s. I personally think that if everyone that is a Young Year 13 on this Silverstream team this year came back next year they would have the best team in the country. I want Silverstream to win a National Title but with everyone having older teams we know younger teams dont beat the best team in the country. If they win it this year and I’m writing this then shame on me but I just dont see it.
To all you Silverstream fans calm down ok look, Iona Apineru, Harrison Boyle, Luke Chisholn, Kienana De La Rambelje, Maika Fifita, Riley Forbes Cullen Goldsmith, Chris Hemi, Shaune Hurdle, Luke Mannix, Tobias Meyrick, Stanley Paese, Dimetri Perez, Albert Polu, Fritz Rayasi, Joshua Southall, Johnathon Tuffin, Waylon Tuhoro-Robinson and Te Tana Wright. These are all the players are Year 12’s and Young Year 13’s that could return next year that are 1st XV players or are 1st XV talented, but some wont return next year because they are Year 13 this year Young Year 13 but still Year 13. Now look at all this talent, it’s ok, I’ll give you a second…….Now for me personally if I was a kid right on that edge of NZSS and Im a Young Year 13 and NZSS is my goal and Rugby is what I want to do when I leave school and KNOWING Im a Young Year 13 and could do one more year and STILL be U18, UM? Im going to look for another school to play with and try get into that NZSS. For me personally Josh Southall could make it this year into the NZSS but next year he’ll be there for sure, I think so anyway, but then you have Kienana De La Rambelje who also made Hurricanes U18’s and can play 1st 5/8 and 2nd 5/8 and would go great at Fullback too I think so anyway, Albert Polu a massive Center

who I think should have been U18 Hurricanes this year and also Harrison Boyle Trialed and just missed out. If I was a looking for a NZSS type player for next year I would ask them "Hey you want to come here for a year and see if you can crack NZSS?" You have a talented 2nd 5/8 and a Center and Harrison who is real shifty 1st 5/8 with so many styles of play in his skill set, who wouldnt want players like that? Stanley Paese and very very talented Prop who has got to be one of the most fittest Props in the country who works hard just some much talent from one school who I think should be named best Rugby Program in the country because 6 of their rugby teams took out their division without losing a game that is all credit to the Rugby Program.
So this here is what we are looking at tomorrow, we have Hastings BHS have 6 "Kevin Durant’s" in the team and 2 "Steph Curry’s" playing against a group of "Joel Embiid’s" they are good and talented but they are the future and not the right now. Devan Flanders, Folau Fakatava, Lincoln McClutchie, Danny Toala, Kianu Kereru-Symes, Josiah Tavita, Dennon Ronbinson, Kini Naholo and Jeriah Mua is just to much for Silverstream. We just saw Hastings BHS take on Hamilton BHS Aka the Cavs in this situation and their "LeBron James’s" and Hastings BHS fought hard 2 Weeks in a row, then like a team with something to prove they took their anger and frustration out on Wellington College, Hastings BHS went on the score a Basketball score and Wellington College went home with "Mama’s Donuts". Silverstream just played Wellington College and REALLY had to fight out of that one and only just won that game, then went and played Palmerston North BHS who they ran over 71-0 in the first game and then won last week 50-22. Even though that looks impressive 50-22 Palmy closed that gap massively and with Hastings BHS beating Palmerston North BHS 101-0, it has the feeling of Silverstream coming down and Hastings BHS still grinding upwards and on wards. The Wellington Comp has not been the strongest this year as a whole and that is not Silverstreams fault but Hastings BHS have a better Comp to play in and still made it look easy until Hamilton "Cavs" BHS.
I know this is going to get me a lot of hate from Silverstream but I’m trying to keep it honest and 100 with everyone. Hastings BHS will win 30-8 and they will come out "Rep’n" the Hurricanes Region.

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