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HS Top 200 Drafts Round 2 & 3

I want to show you more of what building a team will be like from a Draft stand point looks like. So here are first 3 Rounds that I selected that I thought teams would benefit from a Draft Class.

Round 1

1.  Rivez Reihana (St Kentigern College)(SOU)
2.  Taufa Funaki (Sacred Heart College)(TAR)
3.  Isaiah Punivia (St Kentigern College)(MAN)
4.  Louie Chapman (Christchurch BHS)(COU)
5.  Tamati Williams (St Kentigern College)(BOP)
6.  Tyrone Thompson (Napier BHS)(NOR)
7. Josiah Maraku (Feilding HS) (HB)
8.  Saula Mau (Auckland GS)(OTG)
9. Sam Darry (Christ College) (NH)
10. Liam Udy-John (Hastings BHS) (WAI)
11. Simon Parker (St Peters School)  (WEL)
12  Iona Apineru (St Patrick Silverstream) (CAN)
13. Niko Jones (St Peters College) (TAS)
14. Patrick Thacker (Christ College)(AKL)


Round 2

1. Chay Fihaki (Sacred Heart College) (SOU)
2. Josh Lord (Hamilton BHS) (TAR)
3. Soane Vikena (MAGS) (MAN)
4. George Prain (Rangiora HS) (COU)
5.  Valynce Crosby-Te Whare (St Pauls Collegiate) (BOP)
6.  Zarn Sullivan (Kings College)(NOR)
7.  Ethan Webster-Nonu (Scots College)(HB)
8. Matt Graham-Williams (St Kentigern College) (OTG)
9. Thomas Martin (Hamilton BHS) (NH)
10. Jaylan Tuapola (Scots College) (WAI)
11.James Bolton (Feilding HS) (WEL)
12  Millennium Sanerivi (King’s College)(CAN)
13. Terrell Peita (MAGS) (TAS)
14. Pou Sorenson (Rotorua BHS) (AKL)

Round 3

1. Lukas Halls 2nd 5/8 (Kings College) (SOU)
2. Cortez Lee Ratima Halfback (Hamilton BHS)  (TAR)
3. Keelan Whitman Flanker (St Pats Town)  (MAN)
4. Drew Wild Fullback (Feilding HS)  (COU)
5. Alexander McRobbie Lock (St Kentigern College) (BOP)
6. Andrew Vaiane Blind Side (St Peters School) (NOR)
7.Tahu Kaa 2nd 5/8 (Christchurch BHS)  (HB)
8. Billy Preistly Hooker (Gisborne BHS) (OTG)
9. Mahonri Ngakuru Lock (St Kentigern College) (NH)
10.Jacob Payne Hooker (Southland BHS) (WAI)
11.Cory Evans 1st 5/8 (Auckland GS) (WEL)
12 Patrick Teddy Hooker (Napier BHS) (CAN)
13. Connor Brunton Prop (Hamilton BHS)(TAS)
14. Angus Fletcher No.8 (Rangiora HS)(AKL)

If you look at the Southland Draft picks I think they would want to build a back line that they think they can build around and raise up in the Southland system. Rivez Reihana as the first pick to Draft what you would call a “Franchise Player”. Then you start to build around that and because Southland already have a very young team with a young Half Back and so you look to your 2nd Round pick which I think will be Chay Fihaki to get in the midfield at 12 and then for the 3rd Round Pick a Beast hin the back like Lukas Halls from Kings College. Now lets say 2 of the 3 dont work out Southland could readdress the same position issue in next years Draft. When you can go into a Draft and build a future team.

So if you look at all 3 Rounds for all these teams I think I have Drafted according to what the needs are for the team and making the Player Selections that will better the team. I think when you look at the Tasman selections would boost the Loose Trio with Niko Jones and Terrell Peita which is perfect. Let me know what you think of all the other teams picks in the first 3 round.

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